• Yami Holding

    Yami Holding was founded in 2000, it bringing greater automation, transparency and efficiency to freight transportation, Yami Holding shipping exchange seamlessly connects customers – from freight brokers to business shippers and consumers – with feedback-rated transportation service providers that engage in online fixed price, spot market and auction-based transactions.
    Additionally we extend our business territory during the years by engaging in international trading and property, real estate market.
  • YAMI International

  • Yami Import & Export L.T.D

  • Yami General Trading L.L.C

  • Yami Import & Export Trading L.T.D

  • Mahyar Iran Intl Shipping & Transport Co L.T.D

  • Payam Marine Intl Shipping & Transport Co L.T.D

Yami Holding founded in 2000